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Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Focused bodyweight exercise routines are a great addition to easy training or recovery days.

We are going to be covering 5 exercises that will compliment your strength and conditioning program making you a more efficient and resilient runner, and as a result, enable you to run further and faster.

Complete 2 or 3 sets of each exercise and be mindful of maintaining correct technique. It’s better to slow down each movement and engage the right muscles, rather than racing through the set and risk compromising your form.

1. Lunge

Start standing with feet hip-width apart and hands by sides.

Take a big step forward with right foot and bend at knee until both knees form 90 degree angles while bringing hands to clasp in front of body.

Press down into right heel to push back to starting position. That's one rep.

You can progress this exercise adding dumbbells in both of your hands

and increase the weight that way.

2. Arabesque

Start bending your torso forwards and your non-weight-bearing leg is going to go back. Keeping your line from your shoulders through to your knee to your ankle and through your hips. Focus in your balance trying to be straight as you can, and keeping control at the hips.

The lower back should stay straight and there should be minimal rotation of the pelvis at the hip.

3. Single leg hip Bridge

Perform single-leg glute bridges by lying on your back with your palms face-down by your side. Extend one leg, squeeze your glutes, and push into your other leg. While keeping your upper back in contact with the floor, lift your hips until your extended leg forms a straight line with your back.

4. Side Plank

Lie on your side with your body fully extended. Lift your body off the ground and balance your weight between the forearm and the side of the foot. Keep your body in a straight line and hold for as long as you can.

5. Burpees

Bend your knees and reach forward to place your hands on the floor. Kick your legs straight out behind you and immediately lower your entire body down to the ground, bending at the elbows. Use your arms to quickly push your body back up and hop your legs back under your body.

*You should not experience any discomfort or pain doing these exercises Please avoid doing them if you are currently injured or unwell. Prioritize correct exercise technique over speed.

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